Virtual Choir


Listen on Youtube to All Things Bright and Beautiful (Our first song sung virtually)

Listen on Youtube to Walk in the Wind (Our second song sung virtually)

Virtual Choir #2

Walk In The Wind

Here is the vocal score to print (5 pages) Lower key

Here is the full score to print with piano accompaniment (9 pages) Lower key

Maybe you’d rather sing with the moving score, then try this link.(Quicktime) Lower key

Maybe you’d rather sing with the moving score, then try this link.(Windows media) Lower key

Maybe you’d rather sing with the moving score, then try this link.(Quicktime large file) Lower

    Hear it sung on the Cypress site
Hear the full score Lower key
Hear the Alto notes Lower key
Hear the Bass notes Lower key
Hear the Soprano 1 notes Lower key
    Hear the Soprano 2 notes Lower key
Hear the Tenor notes Lower key

Making your recording

  1. 1.Consider wearing a black top. (Concert attire). No ties or fancy scarves.

  2. 2.Consider your room - no fans or background noises

  3. 3.Consider your background - not too busy - as plain as possible

  4. 4.Lighting - be sure your face is well lit from all sides

  5. 5.Try to have the camera at or above eye level.

  6. 6.You need to play the background track on one device with headphones and record on another. There are many programs that will record video with audio. The camera on a phone is the easiest.

  7. 7.Hold the camera horizontally (sideways), get close to the camera or zoom in, we want a good head shot.

  8. 8.Start recording, leave your headphones unplugged until you hear the starting sound. That sound needs to get picked up by the recording camera so we can synchronize the videos. Then plug in the headphones and sing along.

  9. 9.Remember to use good diction and be conscious of the dynamics and rhythms in the song

  10. 10.Avoid page turn noises

  11. 11. Save a few takes so you can send us the best one.

  12. 12. Send your file to this Dropbox folder:

  13. 13. Dropbox will send me an email so I will know you sent it.

  14. 14. Editing will take some time but I will let you know when it is ready.

  15. 15. You may also be able to send the file to me on text message, or on email or on Facebook messenger. If your camera was set for high resolution (1080p) then be prepared for it to take a long time to send it. Lower resolutions are fine (720p or 480p) but all will work.